1. Bananas for ethanol and hair braids

Researchers at Uganda’s National Agricultural Research Laboratories (NaRL), reputed for its banana research, are adding value to the East African highland banana by processing bioethanol products, hair braids, banana lint and banana starch for pharmaceutical industries from banana stems.

10. Honey processor sweetens the deal for beekeepers

Hagana Agro-processing Co. Ltd, a honey processing factory in South Sudan, is turning raw honey into a refined product that meets the quality standards on the international market which has boosted the income of beekeepers in the country.

17. Stimulating Miraa business with new regulations

The government of Kenya published new regulations that will govern the production and trading of Khat (Miraa) which requires miraa farmers and traders to comply with high quality and safety standards in the production, processing and packaging of the produce to make it competitive in the local and export markets.

26. ‘Uber’ for tractors

Hello Tractor, an agricultural technology company, has broken considerable ground connecting tractor owners to smallholder farmers, increasing access to this important farm machinery at affordable costs. Smallholder farmers are able to order for tractors online through a mobile application as it is the case with Uber.

28. Semen delivery using drones

Rwanda Agricultural Board (RAB) and Zipline, a medical product delivery company in Rwanda, are supplying and delivering swine semen to farmers in the country using drones, boosting the pig industry.

42. Q&A: How regulation of key food crops is giving Kenyan farmers a better deal

Beatrice Nyamwamu, the DirectorGeneral of Kenya’s Agriculture and Food Authority (AFA), speaks about the agency’s achievements and challenges enforcing rules in the country’s crop sector and her own role in reforms credited with shielding farmers from exploitation

48. What can we learn from the current food price shock?

The rise in food prices has been attributed to a number of factors and there are a number of things that stakeholders can learn from the food price shocks to help manage and avoid such scenarios in future

54. Zero hunger with fruit trees in schools

African Population and Health Research Center (APHRC is promoting the growing of fruit trees in schools and public urban spaces in Kenya as a way of fighting malnutrition through its programme known as Zero Hunger Initiative.

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