Turkana County turning Salinity into their advantage to maximize crop production amid drought

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By Rogers Aghan, March, 14, 2023, Turkana County has called on experts in water technology to initiate saline waters for production. Through the exploitation of saline waters in crop and animal feeds production food insecurity can be combated considering the escalating drought situation.

David Erukudi, County Executive for Agriculture reiterated that the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) and the World Food Program (WFP) have since been contacted to reinforce the program plan adding that select sites had been identified for the project.

“We are conversant with the accomplishments and expertise of Sea Water Solutions Company and its contribution to agriculture in saline areas. The government will work with the company to ensure that Turkana County benefits from these contributions as well.” Said the County Executive.

He insisted that trials at Kalobeyei were fruitful and several lessons could be learned for replication of past ideas used. While meeting with tech company officials in Lodwar, with WFP and FAO representatives in attendance, he remained confident that the move could be the best shot the county had in combatting the ever-growing food insecurity amid drought in the country.

According to Erukudi, an official arrangement that observes legal standards highlighted in the Private Public Partnership (PPP) structure will be written for the County and Sea Water Solutions Company to bind the two parties in signature.

These arrangements emerge at a time when the county is facing intense drought and diminishing underground water. In addition, underground water was found to contain high levels of minerals and was deemed unsafe for consumption according to a water quality analysis.

The county has further restricted the rehabilitation and drilling of new boreholes in a bid to boost water sufficiency for cross-cutting interventions in tourism, agriculture, and commerce. This was in line with Governor Lomorukais’ agenda that focused on attaining food and water sufficiency for animal and human populations

During the engagement, the county executive asked the company to put in place a symposium on the exploitation of saline water for agricultural development later in the month in Turkana West Sub County.






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