Kenya gets approval from EU to export temperature treated mangoes

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By Murimi Gitari, August 3, 2023, The European Union (EU) has approved export of fresh hot water treated mangoes from Kenya which is a big boost for mango farmers in the country.

In a press statement released by the Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Services (KEPHIS), exporters can now export fresh mango fruits to the EU market either treated using vapor heat or hot water.

The statement by the KEPHIS Managing Director Prof Theophillus Mutui, indicates that the approval by EU was published in June 2023.

Prof Mutui has called upon exporters to adhere to the Kenyan mango certification protocol to ensure the mangos meet both phytosanitary and quality standards for the EU market.

“KEPHIS has approved one temperature treatment facility for treatment of mangos to the EU and Jordan market and currently we are in the process of approving more facilities to support the mango export business,” Prof Mutui said in the statement.

The institution is also supporting farmers, exporters and other stakeholders to produce export-quality mango through establishment and approval of pest-free-zones and capacity building on mango export market requirements in different mango production zones.

Two years ago, the country resumed export of mangoes to the EU market after an eight year ban following interception of produce to fruit flies.

This invasive pest is the main insect pest that has been a bug menace especially to mango and avocado farmers in the country.

KEPHIS and partners and previously launched a campaign dubbed Komesha Furit Fly in fight against the invasive pest with the aim on increasing production of mangoes.

The resumption of the export of mangoes to EU in 2021 was as a result of the reduction of the fruit fly infestation in mangoes.


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