10 cooking oil and fat brands suspended temporarily by KEBS over quality issues

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By Murimi Gitari, September 23, 2022

The Kenya Bureau of Statistics (KEBS) has temporarily suspended 10 brands of cooking oil and fat from the market over quality compliance concerns.

Through a statement, KEBS says the suspension is to notify customers and the public not to purchase sub-standard products.

“The purpose of this letter is to bring to your attention the below listed brands of non-compliant edible oils and fats that have failed to meet the requirement of the standard, and to request your good office to notify your members to recall these brands and remove them from supply chain from your members’ outlets across the country,,” read part of the statement.

The suspension comes after the standard compliance authority performed tests on samples drawn from the oil brands and found them to be non-compliant. The products, according to KEBS are not compliant with the product standard that is KS EAS 769: KS 2019 Fortified Edible Oils & Fats – Specification.

The director for market surveillance, Peter Kaigwara said they recently sampled and analyzed brands of edible fats and oils manufactured by various oil refineries in Kenya.

Kaigwara said it was in the interest of consumers and to fulfil its mandate of protecting the health and economic welfare of consumers and ensure a level playground field.

He further notes that the Authority is mandated to safeguarding the economic interests of manufactures of the non-compliant brands to initiate and put in place effective and corrective actions under KEBS supervision.

“The suspension was also to ensure that the non-compliant brands comply with the requirements of the respective Kenya standards and Standards act cap 496, Laws of Kenya before being allowed back to the market,” Kaigwara said.

The affected brands are supposed to be removed from the shelves of all retailers to allow the manufacturers to be able to meet the standards. The products, according to Kaigwara will be allowed back to the shelves after the manufactures have fully complied with the standards as outlined by the authority.
The affected oil brands include; Bahari Fry, Gold n Pure Olive – Bidco Africa Ltd, Fresh Fri, Fresh Fri with Garlic, Fry Mate, Salit – Pwani Oil, Postman, Rina, Tilly – Kapa Oil and Top Fry by Menengai Oil.

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