Effect on yields caused by climate change triggers need to foster maize farming strategies and resilience by Agricultural actors

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By Rogers Aghan, February, 13, 2023, The Golden Power Crop Organization has partnered with the crop and grain organization to strengthen food security.

An effect on the yields caused by climate change triggered the need to foster maize farming strategies and resilience by Agricultural actors. Therefore, the partnership between the said organizations has initiated training programs in Bungoma pertaining in the use of better quality fertilizers with minerals and food product development.

The fertilizer in use is considered resistant to intense climatic conditions and its use has been initiated among farmers now that proceeds from farms have significantly gone down.

GPC chairman Joel Kariuki reiterated that the training of these farmers is geared toward enhancing farmers’ productivity and enhancement of yields, thus ascertaining food security nationwide. He said this during a training session in Bungoma NCPB office with the hope to achieve great improvement in farm productivity.

“This training is key to farmers of Bungoma since the county is among the main food baskets in the country, we want to assist them get more yields so that we can curb the food shortage in the country,” he said.

Fertilizer developed by GPC will significantly benefit these farmers considering the relatively low prices they could pay for the products.

Farmers in attendance have commended the Golden Power Crop Organization for the initiation, saying that lack of experience and skills has affected their choices for fertilizer and seeds thus directing them into losses.

“Such a step is very crucial as we expect rains, this is likely to change our farming behavior and increase our income,” said Michael Yegon, a farmer from Kopsiro in Mount Elgon.

The entity has also assured the distribution of seed breeds with maturity spans shorter than alternatives.

It could be important to note that the Bungoma County government will also administer free fertilizer and seedlings to famers who could be deemed vulnerable thus beefing up food security.


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