Chrysal Africa Announces Expansion and Innovation in its offering of Chrysal Services

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By Murimi Gitari, May 2, 2023, Chrysal Africa has announced new innovations and expansions to its offering of Chrysal Services, following the successful launch and adoption of the service in Kenya for treating roses against Botrytis for any air- and sea-freight journey.


Chrysal Services is a department within Chrysal Africa, a subsidiary of Chrysal International, and is the leading provider of anti-Botrytis post-harvest treatments for air- or sea-freight of roses.


In 2019, Chrysal Africa introduced the market’s first serious anti-Botrytis post-harvest treatment for roses, paving the way ultimately to long storage of flowers. Following the success and wide adoption of this treatment, the company launched its Sea Freight service in 2020, enabling the shipment of roses from Kenya by sea. The service quickly gained traction, and at times, allowed for 10% of Kenya’s total rose production to be shipped via sea freight.


Chrysal Services is now poised to make 2023 a year of innovation in its service model. A new state-of-the-art testing facility will be launched in June, featuring a vase life room and four controlled atmosphere chambers. These chambers will enable a range of conditions to be simulated in order to conduct extensive research and testing to determine the optimal oxygen and CO2 levels for long storage and sea freight for a range of cut flowers.


In addition to the testing facility, Chrysal Services will be launching a data platform designed to support all processes within the company and provide real-time quality data points to customers, including farms, importers, and retailers. This platform will offer unparalleled transparency and insights into the entire journey of cut flowers, from harvest and processing to trucking and overseas shipping in containers, making use of smart ways to keep any stakeholder up to date at any time.


Chrysal Services remains committed to delivering innovative solutions that benefit the entire floral industry, with a focus on sustainability and reducing the environmental impact of their products and services.


Chrysal Services is committed to developing innovative solutions for growers and ultimately consumers to ensure the longevity and quality of cut flowers. Chrysal’s dedication to research and sustainability has made them a key player in the global floral industry.

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