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This article walks through the process of deploying sandbox (Tier 2 and above) and production environments with the self-service deployment experience. Refer to the following procedure to deploy these environments.

  • Select Configure on the project dashboard page.
  • Select the Application and Platform version for the environment that you want to deploy.
  • Provide a unique name for the environment.
  • Select the region where you want this environment to be deployed.
  • Choose whether you want to load demo data in your environment or if you want an empty database.
  • Select the BPM library that will be set as the Getting started library in the product.
  • Select from a list of available AOT packages (customization packages) on the Software Deployable tabs in the
  • Asset Library if you want to apply customizations. Only packages generated from a build environment on
  • version 8.1 and above should be selected. Applying a package from an incompatible version will have an
  • adverse effect on the environment.
  • Specify two user email addresses that will receive notifications related to this environment. These users are in addition to the users who are already on the project team (such as an ISV or a partner).
    Select the email address of the user that will be set as the system administrator in the product.
    After you validate the configurations, click Submit to trigger the deployment.
    If you plan to use channels, you must also Initialize Retail Cloud Scale Unit.

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