Editor’s Note

Welcome to Rootooba magazine

We welcome you to the first edition of Rootooba agrinews magazine offering information, advice and interactive features for the farming community and the agriculture sector.

Anchored on evidence-based scientific reporting, Rootooba is a media platform focusing on the food security, food safety and nutrition landscape in Africa. It provides in-depth analysis on the region’s major crops, livestock and aquaculture, legislative, environmental and regulatory issues affecting farmers and their businesses. Unveils new knowledge and technology to increase production efficiencies, trade, marketing and management information, food wastage, climate change, pests and diseases studies.

Our primary goal is to serve as an authoritative and balanced communication bridge linking policymakers, scientists, researchers and communities across the African continent. Highlights on food safety (the process of scientific organization that describes ways to deal with, manufacture and store food, preventing foodborne diseases), are captured in our cover story, an interview with the CEO of Kenya’s Central Millers Association (CMA). Insights on food security – the adequacy of food to society, equitable distribution, confirmed supply, fair access, and sustained sources of food, get prominence.

The magazine’s name is an acronym of the English word ‘root’ integrated with the Kiswahili word rutuba (fertility), the ability of the land to achieve the growth of crops for cultivation. It also refers to the ability of land to nurture and cause sustainable production consistent with high quality, a goal we will try to attain in our editorial content.

Our editorial policy is rooted in the publisher’s strategic vision of a food- and feed-based platform germinating information on multisectoral, multi-disciplinary evidence-based solutions across the agricultural value chain. Rootooba acts as a vital link of research to practice, creating an area of synergy between people, government and science practitioners. Synergies and networks between researchers, NGOs, the media, the government and the public are fundamental in realising development goals, particularly those pertaining to food security, food safety and nutrition.

The International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) 2020 Global Food Policy Report affirms that building inclusive food systems will help reduce hunger, malnutrition, poverty, and other inequities. Join us on this media platform to help achieve this noble objective.


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